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Złącze RS232

1GNDn/a101Shield Ground
2TXDBA103Transmit Data
3RXDBB104Receive Data
4RTSCA105Request to Send
5CTSCB106Clear to Send
6DSRCC107Data Set Ready
7GNDAB102System Ground
8CDCF109Carrier Detect
11STF 126Select Transmit Channel
12S.CDSCF122Secondary Carrier Detect
13S.CTSSCB121Secondary Clear to Send
14S.TXDSBA118Secondary Transmit Data
15TCKDB114Transmission Signal Element Timing
16S.RXDSBB119Secondary Receive Data
17RCKDD115Receiver Signal Element Timing
18LLLL141Local Loop Control
19S.RTSSCA120Secondary Request to Send
20DTRCD108.2Data Terminal Ready
21RLRL140Remote Loop Control
22RICE125Ring Indicator
23DSRCH111Data Signal Rate Selector
24XCKDA113Transmit Signal Element Timing
25TITM142Test Indicator